Committee on Elder Academy Development Foundation
Ms CHAN Mei-kit, Maggie
Ms CHAN Chung-ho
Miss CHEUNG Kar-yee, Regina
Dr CHEUNG Man-ka, Marcella
Mr CHEUNG Yick-chung, Ronald
Ms CHUNG Lai-kam, Kathy
Ms LI Fai, Grace
Miss LI Ka-yan
Dr LOU Wei-qun, Vivian
Dr LUK Che-chung
Dr SHIE Wai-hung, Henry
Mr YIP Chun-to, Adrian
Chairmen/Representatives of School Bodies
Chairman of Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools or representative
Chairman of Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council or representative
Chairman of Hong Kong Subsidised Secondary Schools Council or representative
Chairman of Union of Government Primary School Headmasters and Headmistresses or representative
Representatives from Government Bureaux/Departments
Secretary for Labour and Welfare or representative
Secretary for Education or representative
Director of Health or representative
Director of Social Welfare or representative
Terms of Reference
For the purpose of promoting and providing for school-based elder learning in Hong Kong which incorporates the concept of intergenerational harmony, to โ€“
devise and implement strategy and measures relating to curriculum design, learning structure, extra-curricular activities, establishment and development of elder academies, etc. for the sustainable development of the Elder Academy Scheme;
advise the trustee on matters relating to the management and administration of the Elder Academy Development Foundation;
consider and approve applications for funding from the Foundation;
advise the trustee on matters relating to the acceptance of public money, donations, subscriptions and bequests to the Foundation; and
be responsible to the Elderly Commission on its work in (a) to (d) above.