Elder Academy
Elder Academy Scheme
The Elder Academy (EA) Scheme was jointly launched by the Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Elderly Commission in 2007 to enable elders to learn in a school setting. Under the Scheme, non-governmental organisations partner with schools to set up elder academies across the territory to promote active ageing and help elders integrate into the community and foster a sense of worthiness through lifelong learning. Currently, there are about 200 EAs in primary, secondary and post-secondary institutions throughout Hong Kong.
Objectives of the EA Scheme
To promote active ageing through life-long learning
EAs promote continuous learning and enable elders to keep pace with the times through acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills.
To enhance mental and physical well-being of elders
Through participation in social and physical activities, elders can improve their mental and physical health, find new interests and goals and develop their sense of achievement and self-confidence.
To foster a sense of worthiness in elders
EAs offer a platform for elders to share their knowledge, demonstrate their creativity and serve the community.
To promote inter-generational harmony and community integration
EAs organise activities involving both elderly and young participants which promote inter-generational harmony and rapport. EAs also help strengthen the ties among schools, post-secondary institutions and the local community.