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  Satoshi Kose is Director of Housing and Urban Planning Department, Building Research Institute, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Architecture, the University of Tokyo in 1971, and joined the Institute in 1972. His areas of research are: safety of buildings; human factors; building environmental psychology; and universal design. He has published many papers. He became among the first awardees of the Ron Mace Design for the 21st Century Award in June 2000. He has been working for years to develop dwelling design guidelines toward the ageing society in Japan, which have now become the de-facto standards for new dwellings. He is the coordinator of CIB/TG19: Designing for the Ageing Society, which aims to put forces together toward creating a society for all. He is a member of the Environmental Design Research Association, the National Fire Protection Association, the Rehabilitation Engineers Society of North America. He is among the editorial board of the Building Research and Information Journal, the Injury Control and Safety Promotion, and the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. He has published several books on designing for the ageing society and universal design. Architecture and Universal Design, 2001; Age of Barrier-free Design, 1997, and some others.